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Terms and Conditions

Writing Scale Terms and Conditions

This document, Terms and Conditions, constitutes the agreement between and any user of the website. Any visitor/user who accesses this website and uses any of the information or services contained therein, or provides any information, comment, or feedback to the website, automatically agrees to these Terms and Conditions here set forth.


  1. The terms “user,”, “visitor,” “you,” “your,” “yours,” and “you’re” refer to you, as someone who uses the website.
  2. The terms “,” ”website,” “site,”  “we,” “our,” “ours,” and “us” refer to the website, the company, and any of its owners, administrators, and/or agents.
  3. The term “content” refers to anything that is contained on the website. This includes any text, visuals, audio, or combinations and any other communications.
  4. The term “your content” refers to anything that you may submit to our website – reviews, comments, feedback, and/or messages that are posted for public display or included on your site profile.
  5. The term, “User Content” refers to any type of content whatsoever that a user post on our site.
  6. The term “Third Party Content” refers to anything published on the site which might come from any individual/company that is not a user or the site itself and that is made available to any user.

Use of the Website

Eligibility: To access and use our site, an individual must be 18 years old. Those who may not access our site are competitors and any user who has been banned. The following apply as any user accesses our site:

  • We alone grant and rescind permission to use our site
  • User assumes all risk from use of our site. We are not responsible if any user should access any content that is false, inappropriate, or offensive.
  • Changes, interruptions, modifications of discontinuation of this site is our prerogative, at any time.
  • Users must set up a persona account on our site, before gaining permission to use certain functions and to access certain information. Users establish passwords and it is their responsibility to protect those. User must notify the company should they believe their password has been compromised.
  • We reserve the right to close any user account at any time
  • User agrees that his/her account is for personal reasons. Users may not use accounts for commercial purposes, nor may users impersonate anyone else or establish more than one account
  • User agrees to receive notification from the website. Users should check the company Privacy Policy.


  • Users may publish content with the knowledge that it cannot be rescinded. Users therefore assume all risk for what they publish. Users own the content they publish. The site does not endorse any user content.
  • Should a user publish content that is false or inflammatory, is plagiarized, or that violates any copyright or privacy laws, is pornographic or which endangers the life of children, or which violates any laws relative to hate speech, the user alone is responsible for any consequences and bears full liability.
  • has the right to use any content published by any of the following: users, third-parties, media, and other websites. When a user publishes content, s/he is giving permission for the company to use that content in any way it wishes, including reproducing, displaying, removing, modifying, or commercializing it.
  • User owns his/her content, and the company owns the website and anything that is published on it. User agrees not to use website content published by the company in any way. To do so exposes user to legal action. Site content may not be published, distributed, modified, or duplicated by any user, for any purpose.
  • The company has the right to post advertisements and other material next to any content a use publishes.
  • User agrees to use content from any company feeds for personal purposes only.
  • User content does not reflect the opinions or endorsement of the company. Company reserves the right to delete, change, and screen any content.
  • User agrees that any content published on the company website is considered public. User has no expectation of confidentiality.

Guidelines and Policies

  • User agrees to read and understand all elements of these terms and conditions, the company privacy policy and any other policies that may be published on our site.
  • User agrees that we may provide information on your user profile to third-parties.
  • User understands that the company may take legal action should we determine, if we suspect any violation of the terms and conditions, or any legal activity.
  • User understands that the company will cooperate with any law enforcement entity in investigating and prosecuting if is it suspected that user has violated any law.
  • User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless and any of its other users, should the user become the subject of a criminal investigation or a law suit.
  • The company is in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Users are encouraged to check the provisions of these at httpp:// .
  • If it is brought to the company’s attention that a user has illegally used content in any way, we will perform an investigation and suspend the profile until that investigation is complete.
  • If a user believes that s/he has been wrongly accused of a violation, they have the right of appeal to the company administration. If we deem that user to be correct, will restore the user’s account and publish the content.
  • User understands that if we find copyrighted materials on his profile, we will notify the original authors of that content.

Third Parties

The company has the right to provide links to third-party sites, to tools and to other applications on its site. The company does not endorse use of, purchases or any information that may be found on these third-party resources. When a user accesses any other site, tool, or app from our site, the user takes full responsibility and liability for any consequences that result. As soon as a user leaves the company site, company protections no longer apply.


User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the company for any consequences that result from the use of the company site or any information that may be accessed. If our company should incur any legal expenses as a result of the consequences a user faces, that user is responsible for any legal fees that may be incurred.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions Agreement

The company has the right to alter and/or modify any of these terms and conditions at will. User will be notified of such events through publication of same on the website. Any changes go into effect as soon as they are published. It is the user’s responsibility to make himself aware of these changes.


All of these terms and condition remain in effect until and if makes the decision to terminate them.

User agrees that the company may terminate a user account for any reason, at any time

If these terms and conditions are terminated, the company continues to retain the rights to all user content.


If any part of these terms and conditions should be deemed illegal and unenforceable, all other terms and conditions remain in effect. This constitutes the entire Terms and Conditions Agreement.

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