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Privacy Policy makes every effort to protect the privacy of its users. At the same time, we want all of our users to know what information we collect and how we use this information. For this reason, we have developed and are publishing this Privacy Policy.

Information Collected by Writing Scale

Like most websites, we collect two kinds of information, as visitors and users access our site.

  1. General, Anonymous, and Aggregate Information

This type of information has no personal identity attached to it. We track and collect data related to visits to our site, what pages are visited, how long visitors stay on each page, and the browsers that are used to access our site. We are interested in user behavior on our site, because it helps us improve.

We do store information from your browser too, through our use of “cookies.” The cookies are little pieces of data placed in your browser. They are active while you are on our site, but, in most instances, they end when you leave. Occasionally, we do store a “persistent cookie” on your browser, specifically your login information. This is so that users may find it easier to return to the site. Anyone can disable cookies at any time, but their experiences on our site may suffer as a result.

  1. Personal Information We Collect

Users provide information when they register on our site and set up an account. We do require that you provide your full name, your email address, a contact number, and, in completing your personal profile, you may reveal other personal information. This information might include your educational background, and other information you may freely supply.

We do not require that you reveal your personal information on your account profile. Publicly on our site, you are known by your first name and initial of last name.

Content Privacy

Any content a user posts is posted at his/her own risk. Users may use the site privacy settings to control who will read their content. However, there is no guarantee that these are 100% secure. As well, we cannot control what other users may do with the content of yours that they access.

Users who remove content also understand that, if that content has been seen, copied, or shared by others prior to removal, it is not deleted from the system.

It is also the user’s responsibility to be aware of all of the elements of the Terms and Conditions Policy on this site. There are specific types of content that are prohibited. Posting such content may result in suspension or expulsion from the site. If a user is aware of such content being published by another user, it is his/her responsibility to notify the administrators.

Inviting Others to Join

Users who wish to invite others to join must do so through the site invitation service. They supply the email address of a friend to the company, and the company will send an invitation to join. If a friend chooses not to join, we do store that email address. However, anyone may contact the company and have their address removed from our system.

Transferring Your Personal Information

User who join our site automatically give their consent for us to process their information and to transfer it throughout the U.S.

Use of Our Site by Minor Children

Writing Scale does not solicit the use of our site by children under 13. Should we discover that a child under 13 has joined, we will immediately remove that account. Any child under 13 must provide verifiable permission from a parent or guardian to register on the Writing Scale site.

Minors between the ages of 13-18 may use our site. However, we strongly suggest that they inform their parents of their use – this is just a smart thing to do before providing any personal information.

Company Use of Your Information

Users who set up profiles will only be known by first name, first initial of last name, and a photo they choose to upload. When users connect with other users, this is the only information they will have. Should a user choose to reveal more personal information to any other user, s/he takes responsibility for all risk involved.

From time to time, we may send you information and announcements about features, changes, and other content we think you will find valuable. You may opt out of our emails, but doing so will mean that you may not receive important notifications.

Every user is responsible for his/her own privacy settings. If you change those setting to allow other users to add to or change your profile, you bear full responsibility for any results.

Sharing You Information with Third Parties

Writing Scale may share only your profile information with third parties that have information which may be of interest to you. You will then see promotions and/or advertisements from them on your page. For example, if you have posted an interest in a certain author, you may receive notification from a publisher when that author has a new book out. No third party will ever receive any personal information that is not housed on the public profile of a user.

Other times when user personal information is shared are as follows:

  • If a user makes a purchase from our site, then a third-party payment processor will have personal and financial information that you provide.
  • If the company uses an automated email provide, that provider will have your name and email address.
  • If there is a request by any law enforcement agency for your personal information, we will provide it.
  • If we become aware that you have violated the law through the use of our site, we will notify legal authorities and provide your information to them.
  • If we should sell or transfer ownership of the company, your personal information will be transferred to that new owner(s).

Any information that a user voluntarily shares with any third party is beyond the scope of company responsibility. Any consequences that may occur are the responsibility of the user.

Third-Party Links on the Company Site

Users will find links to third-party entities on our site. When a user accesses those entities from our site, we are not responsible for any of their policies. This privacy policy is no longer in effect as soon as a user leaves. Any consequences that might occur as a result of linking to a third-part site from our site are the responsibility of the user. The company bears no responsibility.

Changing or Removing Your Information

Writing Scale has editing tools you may use to change your information and/or your profile. When you do change information, those changes are usually immediate. While the old information may remain in our archives for a period of time, no other user will be able to access it.

If a user has already posted content and then chooses to modify or remove it, user understands that the content in question may have been copied and shared by others prior to removal. It will remain publicly available through other users’ accounts.

Company Site Security

Writing Scale takes all precautions to protect user information. We have firewall protections and a secure server. When a user sends emails or other messages, these are not protected by our security system. If a user shares personal information through messaging or emails, s/he should not consider it secure.

Automatic Binding of Terms

Use of the Writing Scale site understand that by their use, they are automatically legally bound to the policies that are published on the site, specifically the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Should we change or modify either of these policies, we will provide notifications on the site and via email to users. Users understand that they are bound by these changes, as soon as they are published.

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