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Learning to Find The Best Writing Sites

The purpose of our reviews is to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can pick the ideal writing service for your needs. However, on top of that, we want to educate you as well. This way, you can learn to find the best writing website for you. By combining your knowledge with our reviews, you are practically guaranteed to make the right decision every time.

To get started, we’ve put together this guide on finding a custom writing website that you can trust. We’ll also explain what you should be wary of.

Some Attributes of Good Writing Websites

First, let’s go into the attributes you will nearly always find with trustworthy writing services. We’ll start with the website itself.

Any writing service website should be professionally designed, fully functional, and be written in proper English. In addition to this, the policy pages should be easy to find and very clear. Customer service should be provided by live agents who can answer your questions.

Good writing companies offer fair, but reasonable prices. For an average college level essay you should expect to pay between 13 and 20 dollars a page. Of course that number can go up depending on how quickly you need the work finished, and if the academic level is intense.

When it comes to  making payment, trust companies that offer secure options such as accepting PayPal. If you use your card or make a bank draft, ask for a guarantee that your information will be encrypted using SSL.

Finally, you should be able communicate directly with your writer. This ensures that you can clarify any instructions you have. The writer can also contact you with status updates or questions as well.

Writing Service Red Flags

Now, it’s time to consider the negatives about this industry. Unfortunately, this industry is full of companies who do low quality work or simply rip their customers off. The good news is that there are many red flags that can help you to identify untrustworthy companies.

First, research the company well. Check with the better business bureau and read as many online reviews as possible. Google the company name, and check to see if they provide location information on their website. If they do, double check it. Many services will use fake addresses or rented mailboxes in order to appear as if they are based in the United States, Australia, Canada, or UK.

Be very suspicious of low prices or guarantees that you can get your essay in a couple of hours. Remember that nobody who is college educated and a talented writer is going to work for only a couple of dollars per page. If your price quote is less than ten dollars a page, that’s a red flag.

What We Expect From Top Writing Websites

There are a very small number of websites that we believe do the best work possible. In our opinion, they go above and beyond to provide more than quality writing. They are sites that students can truly use as educational resources.

The best writing services offer up great content. They have blogs will well written posts on writing, academics, wellness, and college life. They also offer up services to small business owners and job seekers. Instead of seeking only to sell academic writing, they build relationships with their clients.

Let us Know About Cool Writing Websites You Have Discovered

Now that you know how to find a great writing site, we hope you will do some of your own detective work. If you find a writing site that you think is praiseworthy, send us a note. We’d love to hear from you.